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. back to you. >>> today a controversial debate over christmas will finally come to an end in loudoun county. the issue is whether holiday displays should be allowed on the lawn of the historic county courthouse. last night dozens came out to speak their minds. jackie bensen reports. >> here in the middle of summer i'm finding out that we're attacking christmas again. >> reporter: members of the loudoun county board of supervisors faced a capacity crowd in the public hearing chamber. dozens of residents signed up to speak on a controversial issue, should religious displays continue to be permitted on the grounds of the historic loudoun county courthouse. >> the proper place is on religious or private property. when are we going to stop and recognize the lord? that's the reason that we're here. >> reporter: some were concerned about possible costs to taxpayers. >> the damage to the courthouse grounds, particularly to the ir replaceable historic trees but other buildings or other plantings. >> i don't feel god needs a pony show, on the other hand, if you can turn a profit on this for lo
but today we should learn whether loudoun county will allow any holiday displays in front of the courthouse. the debate has been going on since last year, and supervisors got final input last night. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live in leesburg, virginia, with more. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. the good news is by the end of the day we should know whether or not holiday religious displays will be allowed on the lawn outside of the loudoun county courthouse this holiday season. now, this debate took center stage last night at a public hearing before the loudoun county board. 100 people spoke out either for or against the board recommendation that would ban religious displays on the county courthouse lawn. supporters say it upholds the separation of church and stay, not to mention it makes for a much leads less cluttered courthouse lawn but opponents argue that the ban is unconstitutional. >> i would implore you, on behalf of our citizens of all faiths, to allow those displays to continue. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speec
of nichols hardware in purcellville died in a car crash. the couple was returning home to loudoun county. jane watrel has the story. >> reporter: it's a huge loss for a small town as the purcellville community comes to grps with the deaths of karen and ted nichols. who were killed in a horrific car crash. >> amazing people. they have been running the store forever. they have been a staple here. a kindly group of folks and he runs this place and the people around him act the same way. >> reporter: stylist theresa wolf works a few doors down, a store owned by the same family since 1914 where the clerks call you by your first name. generations are paying tribute on the steps of the store. >> it is a big tragedy for their family and all of us. i grew up here. they have been here forever it seems like. they have served a lot of people and we hope they continue to serve. >> reporter: the one-car accident happened near front royal on sunday afternoon. karen and ted nichols were passengers in a chevy suburban when the driver lost control. the warren county accident killed the nichols and took th
:00 this morning in frederick county, loudoun county, if the panhandle of west virginia, washington county, until 9:00. the traffic is right after this. >>> marc rail, kempton line train 843 running 20 minutes late. line.amden northbound 395 running a speed. ginobili on the belt way up to king street. the pentagon, looks great. looks fine across the 14th street bridge. everyone is moving to the right with no lane divide. the beltway is running smoothly at university blvd. in maryland. back to you. >> thank you. >>> taylor swift and kanye west buried the hatchet in a very public way last night. >> ♪ >> the two stars sang songs to each other during last night's mtv music video awards. last year kanye west hijacked the stage during taylor swift's acceptance speech. they gave separate but equally emotional performances providing resolution, according to critics. it is overshadowed lady gaga's 8 wins. >>> 60 degrees right now. >> coming up, a slow weekend at the box office meant big business for one new release. we will tell you which one. >>> an american hiker held hostage more than a year in iran is
zoomed in to loudoun, northern prince william counties. you can see it there. west of fairfax county. i need doppler, please, control room. you can see on route 50, 6:59, out of 234, if you keep going north, west of dulles and heavy rain. these are torrential downpours and they are out to upperville. northern faulkier in to loudoun right now, maybe eastern frederick, virginia seeing the heaviest of the rain. we will continue to watch that. the temperatures this morning in this tropical air mass are in the upper 60s to low 70s and with a good jumping point i think it will be a warm afternoon. especially since we will get sunshine out here. mid-70s by 9:00. showers an but as we head to the middle of the day and this afternoon, more sunshine, breezy and warm, upper 70s to maybe even 85 for a high. we'll talk about more rain coming by thursday. it is 5:01 and that means it is time for traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. overall not a bad start to our tuesday morning commute but as howard has mentioned the rain rain is not going away through the rush. may want to leave a
on holiday displays at government buildings in loudoun county. we have the latest on the story we have been tracking since last november. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. by the end of the day we should, keep your fingers crossed, we should know whether or not religious holiday displays will be allowed this year on the loudoun county courthouse lawn. now, this debate all took center stage last night at a public hearing before the loudoun county board. 100 people spoke out for or against the board recommendation that would ban religious holiday displays on the county courthouse lawn. supporters of the ban say it upholds the concept of separation of church and state, not mention it makes for a much less cluttered courthouse lawn but opponents like virginia attorney general and the aclu argue the ban is unconstitutional. >> i would implore you on behalf of our citizens of all faiths to allow those displays to continue. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. >> reporter: that is the main line of argument for opponents of
for students in fairfax, prince william, stafford, loudoun and arlington, students in the city of alexandria go back to school today. in fairfax, the new school year means new fees because of budget constraints, they'll have to pay a $100 per sport activity fee and $70 for ib and ap tests. we'll talk to county school superintendent ahead live at 6:15. >>> a new nbc news/wall street journal poll reflects the mood of many americans as the political campaign season heats up. democrats and the white house knew it was bad but it looks like it maybe worse than first thought. kimberly suiters joins us with the numbers. >> reflecting real possess mix among american voters. 49% disapprove of the job president obama is doing. 5 6% don't like the handling of the economy. 50% say the country is on the wrong track and 56% don't feel confident our children's generation will have it better. something possibly hopeful for democrats, the party is viewed positively by 36% of those sur vaf vaed. that's higher than the 30% that have a positive review of republicans. those who have the highest interest in this year
to know everyone in loudoun county and the business was the place to go if you needed something. >> i think everyone is in shocked. some people heard, some people hadn't. it has been the talk of the shop here this morning. everyone is very saddened. >> around town there is worry that the hardware store which is now closed may stay that way. they're hoping it will continue on for future generations. >> it is going to be dramatic. i mean, this is going to be an impact on the town of purcellville. you can buy anything you wanted there, you know. they were always there, seven days a week. >> a small town mourning its heart and soul. in purcellville, jane watrel, news 4. >> state police say all the passengers in the car were wearing seat belts and alcohol was not a factor. funeral arrangements are being made. >>> a new left turn signal is operating at one of the busiest intersections in georgetown. drives on m street can turn north on wisconsin avenue. all three eastbound lanes can travel through that intersection if they choose. transportation officials say the change was made at the requ
working with you. >> the debate over christmas should come to an end in loudoun county, whether holiday displays could be allowed on the lawn there. last night dozens showed up to speak out. jackie bensen was there. >> here in the middle of summer i'm finding out that we're attacking christmas again. >> reporter: members of the loudoun county board of supervisors faced a capacity crowd in the public hearing chamber. dozens of residents signed up to speak on a controversial issue, should religious displays continue to be permitted on the grounds of the historic loudoun county courthouse. >> the proper place is on religious or private property. when are we going to stop and recognize the lord? that's the reason that we're here. >> reporter: some were concerned about possible costs to taxpayers. >> the damage to the courthouse grounds, particularly to the ir replaceable historic trees but other buildings or other plantings. >> i don't feel god needs a pony sho
christians of loudoun brought to you by the ku klux klan. what we signed today will authorize that. >> reporter: loudoun county officials say that holiday displays will go to the fist ten groups that apply. >>> a montgomery county ride on bus is a complete loss following a fire. amateur video caught the flames coming from the vehicle near the intersection of wayne avenue and colesville road in silver spring. investigators say the flames broke out yesterday in the engine of the bus. everyone on board the bus was able to get off safely. >>> the location is near the discovery headquarters where another man is staging an environmental protest. walt rave walked up and down the street with a sign reading "james lee was right." lee is the protester that took three people hostage in silver spring last week at the discovery headquarters. police shot and killed him. rave says he believes that lee snapped when people would not listen to his message. >> he was simply at the end of his rope, and he wanted to make his point to a world that will not listen. will not listen. and the world should n
maryland down to fredericksburg out to loudoun, eastern faulkier, prince william, manassas city, fairfax, that is a flood warning. through 9:00 p.m., a flood watch. the flood warnings go until 10:45 this morning. and as far as our rainfall projections potential any way through 1:00 this morning. we are still looking. see those yellowish areas, that's eight to ten inches southern maryland through eastern virginia and the eastern shore. tremendous rains ahead. if you can stay home today do i. devon lucie is in with me and will join us later. right now we throw it over to angie goff. >> getting worse. >> yes. yes. >> let's talk about the tieups we have been tracking since early on. avoid the flooded roadways. proceed with caution. any intersections that you are approaching this morning. this is a big tieup we have been watching all morning. not this plea immediate area. 70 eastbound is closed between the river bridge and 29 columbia pike. traffic is being diverted on to columbia pike and from there the way to get around this until 8 a.m. so pretty much throughout the morning rush is to take
of hills in that part of the world. in loudoun county, we will check out there, as well. you can see the moisture from leesburg to upperville. gets a little lighter to a moderate rain in winchester down to new market. we have a lot of rain to come. back on the weather computer. this is the one-hour storm total and some of those numbers have been in the inch-plus category to give you an idea. two inches even in the heaviest downpours in the last hour alone. back on the weather computer. we will hoe you the system that's coming in. it has been pouring a lot of moisture from the atlantic to the carolinas and through the mid-atlantic. we have several inches of rain, upwards of four or five in the northern neck in some areas and with the rain coming in we have a flood warning, bright green until 10:45. the entire metro from loudoun county down to southern maryland and fredericksburg including the dc metro until 10:45. flood watch until 5:00 and a tornado watch for think dc metro points east and southeast until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we have had doppler indicated warnings earlier. many
to return to take a new photo. >>> the loudoun board of supervisors will decide if holiday displays can go on the courthouse lawn. more than 50 people lined up to speak. critics call religious displays an infringement on the separation of church and state. they want to see a ban decorating the court house altogether. >> this is a special privilege. i believe it is an inappropriate collaboration between religion and government. >> members of the city council's support having this blaze. the court house -- is up to the loudoun county leaders to make this decision. >>> amazing video from detroit where the dozens of homes winds up in flames. at least 25 homes were destroyed. police are still investigating the cause. fire investigators say a car crashed into a propane tank may have sparked a massive wildfire outside of boulder, colorado. dozens of homes have burned and thousands of people have been evacuated. >>> 73 degrees outside. >> the ladies takeover chinatown -- the lady takes over chinatown. we will check out the sights and sounds from outside lady gaga's sold-out show. >>> wednesday mor
. it should clear up around 8:30 this morning especially western loudoun county, into a frederick county. cooler temperatures of to the west. 45 in elkins, west virginia. 65 at reagan national airport. it's beginning to clear to the west. 84 degrees this afternoon and breezy. we will get an update, or commute with lisa baden. >>> northbound 95 coming out of stafford, stay to the left. northbound 95 car fire under control and garrison googled. equipment is on the scene. novis on 66. on problems no problems out of southern maryland. route 5 and route 4 looking good. >>> a developing story from fairfax county. one person is dead after a possible home invasion late last night along the 6800 block of field master drive. courtney robinson is live in springfield with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the man was found shot to death. this is a quiet neighborhood on a quiet street in orange hunt. officers are preparing to clear the scene. there is still crime tape up. officers believe this was a possible home invasion. they got a call around 10:00 then last night. it is not known i
in loudoun county with more on conditions to our west. good morning, kristin. how's it look? >> reporter: good morning, andy. the creek looks pretty good so far. we were driving out here an hour ago from northwest dc and the drive was very difficult. the amount of rain and the extent to which it was falling was very impressive. it took us a half hour longer to get here than it normally would because we were driving so slowly in order to see. this is going to impact drivers as they try to make their way to work this morning. now, as you said, andrea, i'm standing on a bridge, just over goose creek in loudoun county, just outside of leesburg. show you what the conditions look like. this is the creek and you can see as of 2:30 this morning, the height of the river was measured to be at 1.2 feet. not too crazy. nothing too bad. but flood stage for this river is 12 feet. you can see we have a long way to go before we deal with any big issues right here. it's not expected to get anywhere near that as of now. but you can see the river is definitely starting to churn down there. we have been wat
up a haircuttery salon. he swiped money from businesses in fairfax and loudoun county only striking between late morning and early afternoon. >> we're working very closely with loudoun county detectives on this because he obviously sees no jurisdictional boundaries so nther can we. >> reporter: police say the robber started his crime spree on july 26th when he held up chantilly cash and carry. he struck again on september 6th at this kfc/taco bell restaurant in loudoun county. he then hit three hair cutterys in fairfax and loudoun counties on september 7, 12 and 14. >> the frequencies have increased. the first case was more than a month ago and now he seems to be doing it within a matter of days. that concerns us. >> reporter: in each case the robber brandish a knife, grabs cash from the register, and runs away. >> establishnts seem to be centered around route 28. so anyone who shops or does business on route 28, we ask you to keep your eyes and ears open. call us if you see anything unusual. >> reporter: so far no one has been injured in any of these roberies but police are concern
. >>> the debate over today. the loudoun county board of supervisors are expected to vote on whether to allow religious displays outside the courthouse. "news 4 midday" begins right now. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, september 8th, 2010. right now, police are on the lookout for a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman in fairfax county. the 23-year-old was attacked just before 4:30 near la vista drive and franconia road. tracee wilkins joins us from alexandria. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. investigators wrapped up their investigation here in the immediate neighborhood. they have not wrapped up their search for the suspects. fairfax county police are going door to door warning neighbors and searching for clues after a 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted at a neighborhood bus stop. >> we believe this attack was random. a woman standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus. someone approached her from behind and began to assault her. >> reporter: it happened just before 4:30 this morning on franconia ro
through loudoun county just now coming into northern montgomery county near sugar loaf and it may hold together and of move through pools vlt and towards damascus in another 20 minutes or so. a few sprinkles in western loudoun county and northern culpepper county. these are all drifting to the east and tending to dry out as they move east. we probably aren't going to see much in the way of any rain. we have an increased fire danger as a result of the parched conditions. 74 in washington, it's a balmy morning, 70 shenandoah valley and low 70s montgomery, arlington and fairfax. we'll clear out this afternoon with a blustery northwest wind and the wind will diminish tomorrow and we'll have the temperatures cooler with highs in the 70s and more of the same on friday and saturday with diminished winds. ashley, good morning, how's the traffic? >> we just had delays on 95 heading northbound from the prince william parkway. now we have an incident. as ult can see it's along the side of the road there along the far left side. center of the screen is the hov and they get beyond the issue no prob
can turn a profit on this for loudoun county, boohah to you. >> reporter: the public sponsor ed displays had been limited to ten on a first come, first serve basis. the announcement received national attention. >> when you get the acla and ken cuccinelli agreeing on something, you may wonder is the end of the world near? >> reporter: the board of supervisors will vote on the matter on wednesday night. >>> in virginia, bob mcdonnell is expected to unveil a plan to impose a 4% tax on all bars and restaurants. according to reports, the 4% tax includes a 1.5% tax on all stores and restaurants that sell liquor and 2.5% tax on the overall annual sales. the money raise would make up for the money lost if the state privatizes the liquor store. he believes the changes could bring in $260 million a year. >>> today may feel like summer but tomorrow more like fall? >> we have cooler weather moving in. right now a front coming into the mountains triggering much needed rain, a couple of little showers down in the southern eastern panhandle of west virginia. that is drifting over maybe crossin
in loudoun county and a lot of damage in bowie and 301 and 50. overnight we have cleared out and we are in good shape to start this thursday. the temperature is 74 here in town. a lot of 80s. still low 70s a summer-like morning on the first full day of autumn. temperatures by 9:00, 70s. 5:00 90 and an isolated storm but less activity than yesterday. >>> hi. hello, hello. hope everybody is off to a great start. it is thursday morning and right now, as andrea mentioned, one thing we are watching is debris in the roadways out here in the silver spring area. it is viers mill road and it is taking away the right lane for drivers. moving to the outer loop, we want to show you that drivers are moving at speed to georgia avenue. back to the maps, route 4, route 5, and 301, everyone is all clear. 95 northbound, no complaints making your way from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, and before that we are incidents or accidents free out of fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. over to you. >>> today we may learn who will or for that matter who will not leave the dc public school system. a high
dry weather in loudoun county, virginia. >> no, this isn't very high and we have some shorter than this. >> reporter: this is the sweet corn john tried to grow this year. it didn't work out at all. >> it is more than dramatic. it represents a substantial loss of revenue. >> reporter: governors of virginia and maryland are in the process of applying for federal disaster aid because of widespread damage like this. and here's another place where the drought is having dramatic effects. >> this is the potomac river at point of rocks, maryland. on that side is virginia. over here is maryland. i'm going to keep walking. nowing remember, as i keep walking out in the river, that this is the water supply for 90 to 95% of the washington region. well, here i am. dead in the middle of the potomac river. that's virginia on that side. point of rocks, maryland on that side. it is barely calf deep right here. now, this is still enough water to keep to supply our needs in the washington area but it is not nearly as much water as usual. >> fish and see what i can. >> reporter: eric came down to do fi
of loudoun county's public schools is laying out his goals for the next decade. they include building 21 new schools. only eight are approved and there is only land for four new schools. the new school superintendent, dr. edgar wants green technologies to be built in and also wants 4,000 new school employees. this story is on the loudoun county pages of where you live, our section on find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. coming up next, howard and the weekend forecast. >> yeah, jc. had a cold front push through this morning. clearing the air a little bit. it's feeling good out here. allergy numbers have come in and check it out, the tree pollen and grass pollen are low. but that's moderate as are the mold spores. your weekend forecast, friday night football outlook, it's all coming up when 9news now at noon returns. xc@3w÷) >>> today marks the end of the road for one of the longest running soap operas. ashley morrison talked to one of the leading lay disof as the world turns about leaving the show after more tha
through loudoun county into montgomery and rthern fairfax county. for the most part, those storms are gone. the only storm we have are down into spotsylvania county andot even storm here. they were severe into part of orange county but since they've moved to the east, they are dying down. we still have a severe thunderstorm watch that is in effect for the entire area until 10:00 tonight. so there are still a few more storms upstream well to the north and west of the area. when i come back, i'll show what you i think those storm will be doing overnight. right now at 90 degrees. 90 in la plata. it was a very hot day today. i think it will be a hot day tomorrow as well. as we move through the night, a few scattered, maybe even isolated showers or thunderstorms. once again i don't recollect expectoo much out there. i'll show you those storms coming up. plus, tomorrow morning. skinl degrees, going to a high today into the 90s. d on friday, a high near 95. your four-day forecast in the extended outlook coming up a little later on. >> thanks. >>> the man accused of murdering maryland state troope
a clear sky. 70 in washington and 60s in prince george's. parts of loudoun and frederick county in maryland and frederick county virginia in the low 60s. 50s panhandle west virginia. mountains just near 50. afternoon highs should climb into the 80s except the mountains it will be in the 70s. lots of sunshine and blue sky and low humidity. tomorrow we'll have a front coming through with clouds and might give us a passing shower. after that we'll have a blustery wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. thursday and friday sunshine back both days. we'll have it cooler in the mornings in the 50s but afternoon highs should be mez ant. a look at the weekend at 5:21. how is it holooking ashley? >> no complaints from the travel department. we are starting to see volume in the typical parts where we see rush hour delays. things are starting to con jest up through lorton through springfield. you're doing the speed limit. as you continue towards 395, no problems. to and across the 14th to the freeway, you're in good spirits. 270, no problems here at montgomery village, the headlights continuing s
lanes. loudoun county has prohibited open burning. let's go to doug hill. any chance of any relief from this heat? >> the relief from the dry weather may be sunday at the earliest. it is spectacular in the incredibly dry. we have the above 95 degrees for the 25th time this summer. we are under a red flag warning. that means fires could start at the flick of a lit cigarette. let's show you what we are dealing with. let's pick fairfax. it is 92 degrees, but the dew point is only 38 degrees. that converts to a humidity of 14%. in frederick, it is 10% relative humidity. these are conditions you see in july in arizona, at not along the potomac river. it will change late tonight as the heat goes away and temperatures dropped by morning into the middle 50's. a lot more coming up. >> a florida pastor is not backing down on his plans to burn copies of the koran this weekend. this despite criticism from almost everyone including the pentagon after terry jones says he is moving forward. we spoke about the consequences of this plan. >> terry jones leads a small congregation in gainesville. his plan
out of loudoun county in sterling, 7 eastbound before 28, there is a car on fire. traffic is being very careful. emergency equipment is on the lake. that's leesburg pike near 28. north of the beltway getting to the pentagon and beyond to the 14th street bridge, not very wild. that's 395. next, and want to take you to maryland. nothing to report along the beltway. in decent shape and on angela avenue. back to you. >> thank you. >>> in california it's cool to be another day of scorching heat in southern california. yesterday los angeles reached a record high of 113 degrees. some people suffered through that without air-conditioning. others used it as an excuse to go to the beach. >>> engineers will inspect a levy on the wisconsin river to determine whether it is sound. floodwaters breached the levee. the rain caused the river to rise nearly 20 feet, setting a new record. floods in wisconsin as well. >>> there was a mid-air merger. southwest and airtran merging, what will it mean for frequent fliers? >>> on friday, no talking behind ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet,
're falling apart. you can see route loudoun county and south of leesburg and in central fauquier county and the northern montgomery county. it is a mild start today. we're in the 70's everywhere. 74 in the district. 77 in college park. there is one exception up in frederick, where we are 68 degrees. manassas is 70. map. take a look at the we do have a cold front pushing through. generally a very sunny day despite a few sprinkles early this morning. the cold front will bring a breeze from the west. the colder air behind the front will take its time to get here. near 90 this afternoon. becoming less humid. calmht, the wind will, do down. to more afternoon, a fantastic day. breezy and not as bad as today. 80 will be the high temperature. upper 70's friday into saturday. the best chance of rain will be on sunday. we need the moisture. >> 95 construction is complete at 198. the lanes are open in both directions for now. 95 virginia is a tough ride northbound leaving dale city to get to a crash after the occoquan. we will show you the pace of traffic north of the beltway, now heating up betwe
, though, temperature 63 downtown. there are cool spots on the map out into fairfax an loudoun county. temperatures in the low 50s this morning. even a few upper 40s in the sheltered most valleys up to the panhandle of west virginia even upper montgomery county. there might be a couple of 4s on the map. generally speaking we're going to have a pleasant day today. there are extra clouds coming our way by mid and late afternoon. a possibility of a sprinkle mainly up across portions of southern pennsylvania and west of the blue ridge. here in the washington are we'll be dry and mild with temperatures up near 84 degrees. we should be reaching our high right around 4:15 as the texans and the redskins kick it off at fedex field. >> we said dallas cowboys but we mean houston texans, right? >> yes, we do. >> dallas -- those texas people. >> those three hours of sleep last night were apparently severa too few. i will fix that, thank you. >> we'll check in with you in a little bit. thanks, chuck. >>> four people are hurt this morning after being shot overnight. police say this happened about 11
in loudoun county after a session last night in reston. >> we have information boards here and people with the project staff to talk about what is planned for each of the six stations that will be part of phase two. >> reporter: phase one construction in tysons corner is already underway. phase two will run from wheely avenue, dulles international airport to loudoun county. the meeting is at the loudoun heritage farm museum 6:00 to 8 p.m. month. people can leave comments on the port authority's website through october 1st. >>> a key piece of evidence in the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion is sent here to washington. >>> and there's good news for firefighters who have been battling two blazes in colorado. these stories and more when 9 news now continues. we'll be right >>> a section of natural gas pine line is on the way to washington as they try to figure out what caused the explosion and fire which killed four people near san francisco. pacific gas and electric is receiving up a $800 million fund to help the victims. >>> a fire near boulder started on labor day and destroyed at
on the grounds of loudoun county courthouse. this wait a minute a controversy last november. many said it was an assault on christmas and hanukkah. others said it was an issue of church and state. >>> a calm resolution to a heated debate. by an 8-1 vote, the loudoun county supervisors will continue a policy that allowed holiday displays around the historic courthouse. many local leaders elated. >> i'm jewish. i know it is not a christian issue. it is an issue of access. of all religious groups. all groups. they can put their symbols on the courthouse lawn. >>> the controversy started in november when a citizens committee banned unattended displays due to overwhelming requests for the courthouse grounds. the lone dissenting vote wanted the ban upheld. >> we have war memorial and i think throws the appropriate type of monuments to remain on public land. they gave their lives to frequent rights enforced in that building. beyond, that we don't need the flying spaghetti monster and i'm not making one up either. we don't need any of that foolishness. >> reporter: around the courthouse, react
saassaulting a woman tt he met on eharmony. it happened at the suspect's house in loudoun county. pat collins talked to peoplen the neighborhood who are alarmed about that arrest. >> reporter: a sex crime in thir well tailored community in south riding. people, most upset. >> they ought to put these people away. it is horrible, what's going on. >> think in this block is a family block with kids playing. not something like, some crime like that taking place he. >> reporter: police say this man used the internet to befriend a woman whom he later held captive and victimized. >> the person may seem like a nic person on the other end of the phone. if you don't know them, you have to assume that foul play could be involved. >> reporter: accoing to the sheriff, this go back to june. that's when they stay suspect john swan evanset the victim on the dating website july, they say, he lured her to his house here in south riding. and health her against her will. and sexually assaulted her here. there is fear there could be more vicms. >> in a situation like this, the same as someone has bee
some warnings from montgomery county, for rappahannock county, culpeper as well as loudoun county. we don't have any warnings going on right now or in effect. i'm watching northern fairfax county as this cell heads off to the east. it will be heading to areas like wheaton and sterlin then y can see in pennsylvania, that yellow shading around york, the lancaster area, there is a warning right now. there could be one issued for frederick county, maryland. the otherbig thing today is the heat. up around 90 degrees. most neighborhoods well abo the average. today, our th 90-degree day for the year. our latest 90-degree day last year was on the 27th of august when we got to 91 degrees. so we're at 93 degrees right now in the district, mount pleasant, 93. annapolis at 92. up fr the last hour. and 92 degrees currently in suitland and springfield at 92. isolated thunderstorms, you can expect these until 10:00 p.m. probably the worst prior to 9:00 p.m. and temperatures will be settling down to the mid 80s. the other thing with our wind out of the south, coastal flood advisory. that go until mid
the last batch cough students to return to classes. prince william, stafford, loudoun and arlington. fairfax schools face big challenges because of budget constraints. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: it is the day some dread and others can't wait to arrive. the first day of school. fairfax county students were up bright and early this morning. at madison high school the usual hugs and reunions, lots of excitement and first-day jitters. >> mix of excited and nervous. there is a whole slew of freshmen, wonderful shiny faces. i think it is going to be a fun year. i'm going to try going to new clubs. >> it has been a long summer. i'm excited to be back in school. it is my senior year so we'll see how it works out. >> reporter: this year promises to be challenging in fairfax county, enrollment is up and the budget is down $34 million. school superintendent dr. jack dale says most of this year's cuts happened outside the classroom but the school system is still feeling the impact of previous reductions. >> we will see more kids in the classroom which means less individualized help fr
one big storm earlier towa toward loudoun county. it is very, very weak. the only severe storm we have the s down toward madison green and orange counties. that continues to make its way toward the east. maybe some hail and winds. let's zoom in on that storm system that was right around the district. five minutes ago, there was still some rain left. it is all gone now. that's very good news. a we widen out,still more toward pennsylvania. and we'r expecting these to continue to make their way on down to the south and east. the entire area, under a 73 thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. we'll continue to watch it for you right here. 94 degrees currently right now in the district. 91 in manassas. la plata, around 91. through the evenng tonight, you may see a rumble of thunder or two. isolated to scattered at best. not everybody trying to e these storms. temperature falling to 69 degrees by 7:00 a.m. my full forecast coming up. >> thank you. >>> a black hawkelicopter crash in southern afghanistan has claimed the life of a man from our area. brendan, a former silver spring resident, was
are heading in to the washington, d.c. area from loudoun county. also take a look at this video that our photographer gregos shot earlier this morning, just outside of dulles airport. you can see the rain is really coming down strong right there. and that's what we have been worried about all morning long is the flash flooding. could that type of rain lead to flash flooding. and here and throughout much of the washington area we are under a flash flood watch until 8:00 this morning. right through the heart of the morning rush. so this is indeed going to continue to be a concern. for the most part, what i'm seeing right now here in loudoun county, it's not tutu bad. in fact to be it is not too, too bad. you can see this is the kind of run jaw we are dealing with. a little water trickling down the drains right now. nothing major whatsoever and you can see the cars moving fine fine. no incidents or accidents to report. so, you know, so far so good. i think the bottom line is, you know how people drive in the rain. they always slow down. there's always some sort of issue and it always tacks
is already brewing over a proposed ban on relynna laious displays in loudoun county. it would ban religious holiday displays on the grounds of the county courthouse. the board decided last year to allow up to 10 groups to set up displays at one time i'm resident-led commission says that policy has created an unmanageable situation. >> i would implor you on behalf of our citizens of all faiths to allow those displays to continue -- i would implore you. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religous or private property. that way, everyone is treated fairly. all rights are preserved. the majority religion enjoys no special privilege and the constitution suffers no insult or injury. >> the loudoun county board is expected to vote on the proposed ban later this morning. >>> our business beat is coming up next. we'll talk more about president obama's economic speech which happens later today. >>> as we go to break, you might note is a change the next time you pull up to a -- y
an inch in loudoun county, purcellville, leesburg had hail. and big time winds pushed across silver spring over to bowie with tree damage in prince georges and anne arundel. >> the dogs wouldn't move after that. >> people in other parts saw nothing. >> heard the thunder. didn't get a rain drop at my house. my lawn is crunchy and crying for it. the bus stop forecast, no problems right now except for a possible patch of fog in areas that had the rain yesterday. otherwise mainly clear. it's warm and muggy. 60s and 70s to start the day. our sunrise is still an hour and a half away at 6:56. very dark. 76 by 9:00. 84 by noon and 5:00 an isolated afternoon storm possible. highs today 90 to 95 and code yellow air quality. tonight, partly cloudy, patchy fog late. in the low 60s to low 70s. south winds at 5:00. did you notice even though it is the equinox, we have over 12 hours of daylight. the sat moss fear bends the light a little bit. we are seeing the light a few minutes before it would cross the horizon. a 12 hour day today. sunny and breezy. record heat possible. 92 to 97. south
:00 and there is a meeting tomorrow night at the loudoun heritage farm museum. >>> it is 6:19. your wake up sports is next. virginia tech falls out of the top 25 after a shocking loss to james madison. >>> in three minutes, see who is number one in the new poll. [ female announcer ] introducing, new townhouse flatbread crisps. they're oven-baked flatbread crisps. ♪ with the tastes of sea salt and olive oil. ♪ or sprinkled with italian herbs. ♪ townhouse flatbread crisps. they're perfect for snack time, party time, any time. ♪ new townhouse flatbread crisps. the everyday cracker with the specially-crafted taste. >>> good morning. it was a bad week for the acc emthree teams dropped out of the top 25 college football poll including virginia tech who suffered a stunning loss to madison. here's how the top 25 shapes up with alabama leading the way. here's the "usa today" top 25 coaches presented by sprint. crime son tied hold on to the number one spot. ohio state at number two after beating miami. the ducks move up two spots to number six and oklahoma up to nine after a route of florida state at home.
with murdering his wife. steven combs-lafleur is being held at the loudoun county detention center without bail. >>> taking a new look at parking meter hours, vincent gray says he will. some leaders require payment until 10:00 p.m., and it generates up to $6 million in the district, but it drives away customers. >>> and a big loss for the redskins tonight. they played the houston texans. they lost in overtime, the score 30-27. >> heartbreaking. >> it was. >>> beautiful, beautiful weather. it does not get much better. cooler, drier, and i'd love september in d.c. the lincoln memorial, a beautiful, beautiful evening. but a cold front brought a few showers to montgomery county, but they went away earlier this evening. they are passing through the metro area. three stops on our weatherbug network,. 70 degrees in leesburg after a high of 84. germantown, 73. 73 currently at children's hospital. there was a high of 83. the official high at reagan was above average. 85 degrees for a high temperature. 96 was set back in 1895, a longstanding record. 64 at state college. northern wisconsin, minnesota, qui
is being held tonight at the loudoun county detention center, steven combs-lafleur. the woman died at the scene, and her husband is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond. >>> and a frederick man is dead after police were called to a domestic dispute on market street. police say that they were warned that the man had left the house with a rifle. when officers arrived, they say he fired a round, and they fired back. he died from gunshot wounds. police are now investigating whether he died from the fire of officers or from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. >>> a hostage situation in fairfax county is causing some major headaches. these are pictures just in to the abc7 news road. this is little river turnpike. a trucker got into an accident. another tanker was sent to the location to offload the fuel, and there is no word on when that road will reopen. >>> and we are tracking hurricane igor tonight as it is expected to make landfall in bermuda in a few hours. people are bracing for the worst. we are live with mike in the satellite center. >> there are already h
in montgomery county. and across the potomacriver into loudoun county. a few other pockets of heavy rain now st. mary's county where they had over four inches of rain. and route44, and st. mary's county, water over the road. north beach and calvert county reported flooded roads. route 17, spotsylvania county near bevel dean reporting water over the road. and we will continue to see the waves of rain coming through. all these counties in red reporting high water on many area roads, small creeks and streams out of their banks. ponding of water, as ell. we have a tornado watch in effect until 1:00 this afternoon for most of the region, and we'll have this rain from time to time in waves, heavy at times, allhe way in to early this evening, tapeng off and ending by midnight tonight. and then a blustery wind tomorrow as we dry out. cooling down for the weekend. erry, how is the traffic now? >> we continue to llow breaking news on the capital beltway, in maryland, with a jackknifed tractor trailer. virtually blocking the entire inr loop of t beltway, just after t exit of the i-270 spur. but before you
, prince william, fairfax, and loudoun counties, as well as alexandria city schools. drivers are reminded to watch out for school buses with their stop sides extended. and red line riders have to put up with one more day with some closures. some will not reopen until tuesday morning. the transit agency is looking to fix problems pointed out by the national transportation safety board after a crash last year. and new traffic patterns on route 7 starting tuesday. experienced drivers might feel a difference. the one-mile stretch between the dulles toll road and 123 has changed. there are fewer places where left turns are allowed. the district will now have a new supermarket. a groundbreaking will be held. the supermarket will be built in northeast washington and the 900 block of 17th street. the store will be completed in the spring of next year. still ahead on "washington weekly, we have learned that steven slater is no longer working for jetblue. >>> i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. it looks like an absolute beautiful day. it looks like an absolute beautiful day. [
. it will be fantastic weather this weekend. there will be the blue mont affair going on in western loudoun county perry and that starts at 10:00 saturday and sunday. >> that will be nice. thank you for being here with us on this midday. have a great weekend.
.m.. moving into loudoun county, it is going to cross the potomac and cross into west virginia and also crossing into maryland as well. here is our forecast. clearing out later this midday and afternoon. highs in the low 80's. increasing clouds by tomorrow afternoon. late day showers. potentially very heavy rainfall wednesday and especially -- wednesday night, especially throughout the day thursday. in the mid 70's at that point. the weekend, fall-like in the 60's and sunny. lisa, how is the traffic now? >> you know, it is quiet. just anticipating the rain that you're talking about coming in this morning. we had lingering road work. it was guardrail repair. that exit ramp was temporarily blocked. here is the travel times between richmond and baltimore. traffic streaming away from us. this is the southbound direction. back to alison. >> thank you. 4:54 is the time. >> thank you. 4:54 is the time. 69 degrees. more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! >> ♪ >> ther
at tennessee, a long shot at one time. >>> loudoun county residents will be able to wweigh in on whether to bandages displays. blogging nativity scenes and menorahs -- blocking nativity scenes and menorahs. the meeting is this evening at 6:30. >>> more setbacks in the battle against flames in colorado, now threatening 1000 houses. >>> a milestone for local school, why the students are celebrating. >>> a former flight attendant could now be facing jail time. >>> when will it start to feel like duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer >>> one of the country's most famous quitters is considering a plea deal. the former jet luton attendance steven slater soden "this morning, accused four of cursing and a passenger, then bedivere and sliding down the emergency chute. he faces a variety of charges, which could mean seven years in prison. he was an internet sensation and has 210,000 fans on facebook. equal to the airline officials last week. >>> there's a new
. nursultan in fairfax, arlington, prince william, loudoun, and stafford counties as well as the city of alexandria, falls church, manassas, manassas park, and fredericksburg. many school systems will be dealing with an influx of new students, budgets, and salary freezes. tuesday morning, turning to the mayor's race. incumbent adrian fenty secured another major endorsement. the washington examiner endorsed him, citing his record on safety, education, and improved service. the endorsement comes a week before the primary and in the midst of early voting. >>> police are looking for two men in connection with a violent home invasion robbery in woodbridge. seven people in the house, including a newborn baby, when two masked men entered through an unlocked door. the victim wanted their identity protected. >> they took everything i own and everything i saved for. >> this is where they hit me with a pistol and the gun went off. >> no one was shot during the robber left seconds before and william county police arrived. >>> a fest-moving fire tore through bonds housing resources. it's broken a
when you meet somebody on line, because you really do not know. >> the 37-year-old loudoun county woman who says she was sexually assaulted at his town house called for help when she got free. the attack happened in july. since then, investigators have been working with e-harmony to see if he may have a history of using dates. >> people who do this, there is usually other victims out here. >> the victims says she and edmunds initially agreed to meet at a public place, but at the last moment, he changed the plan to go to this house -- the victim says she and evans initially agreed to meet at a public place. investigators in loudoun county say this may help women who may have been abused prior to this case to come forward now and let investigators know about it. reporting live in sterling, va., gail pennybacker, abc7 news. >> thank you, gail. >>> de la hoya well in the gulf could permanently be sealed soon. -- the oil well. engineers will pump in final rounds of mud and cement, hopefully by sunday. >>> another beautiful day weatherwise. >> meteorologist bob ryan is in the weather center w
, virginia. loudoun county police say the same man may be responsible for hitting two hair salons and a taco bell. surae chinn joins us live from ashburn with more on the very brazen acts. >> reporter: well i just talked with a woman who was held up at knife-point and she said she was scared but she is back at work tonight at the hair cutery. she said when she saw the knife, she said what are you doing? robbing us? he said yeah, i'm sorry, i've got kids to feed. the terrifying ordeal was all caught on tape. he walks in browsing for shampoo and conditioner before he decides what he wants to buy. this is what the guy picked up. some hair gel, so the cashier would open up the register. but instead he pulled out the large knife and robbed the place. people here want this guy caught. he acts as though he's paying for the product but instead you see him pull out a large knife and grab the cash out of the register. >> everybody is really scared. >> reporter: jen a destroy managed the salon and arrived moments after it happened. she said there was one customer and two hair stylists in the salon yest
issues we could ever face. >> reporter: the issue of religion attracts nearly 100 people at loudoun county's government center as the board of supervisors weighs its option on a heated manner to remove all religious decorations from the courthouse. >> they allowed them to go forward and we applauded them for that decision. >> reporter: while inside the board room, people packed the space. outside there were signs like this one. keep christmas like it's always been. >> when my daughter is little, she is now 13, but when she was a toddler i would bring her down and she loved looking at the baby jesus in his manger. >> the county has provided a special privilege to the christian community for decades. >> reporter: rick wingrove is with the minority in this room. >> we're not persecuting anybody. we're just looking out for the separation of church and state. ironically the atheist community supports the muslims being able to build two blocks from the world trade center site. >> reporter: they're on government property.s a different thing. >> reporter: it's also a different thing when it
in loudoun county. you may remember a subcommittee of the loudoun county board recommended banning all displays from the grounds of the county courthouse last winter. tonight's hearing begins at 6:30 in the county government center. the board of supervisors is due to issue its ruling tomorrow. there's expected to be a lot of comment. >>> the university of maryland is putting out a crime alert after five armed robberies in a two-week span. the first in the rash of robberies came august 27. then last night, there were two just five minutes apart. our scott broome spoke with one of the victims today. he joins us live from college park. scott, is there a feeling this is starting to escalate? >> with the gun being pointed at people last night, that's exactly what is happening. this happens north of campus that runs a couple blocks off campus to the north. two robberies in the space of just a few minutes and in both instances last night, the victims had guns pointed at their heads. >> incidents represent a brazen escalation. the series of at least four off campus robberies that plagued the
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